Pro Food Solutions

Pro Food Solutions Valued Food Solutions Delivered Globally
A global food company and leading supplier to the U.S. military worldwide.

Our Brands


Improve both content and visual communication of current website Pro Food Solutions consistent with the “family”1 of websites American Bounty, Ocean Direct and Richmond Peak Quality.


Drive Growth via expansion into commercial markets, by leveraging our U.S. Government and Military supplier expertise.

Our Mission

Feeding our Servicemembers and their families globally.

Our Approach

Pro Food Solutions sources, brands and distributes a broad portfolio of proprietary and national brand food products across an array of food categories to our Military and their families wherever it is consumed: U.S. and overseas bases, deployed aircraft carriers, field exercises and commissaries.

Our Structure

  • Comprised of Two divisions: Global Foodservice Solutions – “GFS” (Richmond Wholesale) – The perennial food provider focused on the Department of Defense market, supplying quality food products to military dining facilities and other locations worldwide.
  • Military Retail Solutions – “MRS” (Alder Foods & Elite Brands) – A leading food supplier to the Defense Commissary Agency (“DeCA”); exclusively sells, markets, and distributes nationally-branded food products to commissaries and exchanges worldwide, serving as a valued turn-key partner.

How Can Pro Food Solutions Help You?

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